FPA has four classes of membership: Voting, Associate (non-voting), Student, and Sustaining.

A Voting Member is one who spends at least 50% of one’s working time as a practicing paralegal in California.

An Associate Member is one who does not qualify as a Voting Member.

A Student Member is one who is enrolled in a paralegal program.

A Sustaining Member is any person, business, school, or other entity interested in supporting the goals of FPA.

A membership application can be downloaded and printed from here.  Mail completed applications to:

P.O. Box 28515
Fresno, CA 93729-8515

Membership is in effect for the calendar year and subject to renewal on January 1 of each subsequent year. If you would like to receive a membership application and copy of the Guidelines for Professional Responsibility, please contact our Membership Chairperson.

Voting Membership $45.00
Associate Membership $40.00
Student Membership $5.00
Sustaining Membership $100.00

Click here to download the Membership Application.